Why NZ made rocks!

Jul 31, 2017

Why NZ made rocks!

At Justine’s, we are all about what goes into our cookies. We are 100% kiwi-owned, and our cookies are 100% kiwi-made.

So what’s the big deal about made in New Zealand, you ask? While, there are more than one reason to feel proud. The gist is “Ko tātou enei – It’s who we are.”

According to the The New Zealand Story Group website New Zealand is a progressive nation of creative idea-makers delivering new solutions whilst always caring for people and place.

For example, New Zealand ranks 11th our of 113 countries for food security, measure through food quality, safety, availability and affordability on the Global Food Security Index. People recognise that and hence simply put, NZ made food ROCKS!

At Justine’s, we basically get it. We get it that you value your fitness so much. We get it that you are conscious about what goes in to your body. We get it that you want a sweet treat but not the guilt that comes with it.

We get it that you feel cheated when you use up most of your daily quota of calories with just one serving of a regular monster cookie, especially after hours you may have spent at the gym doing resistance training. We get it that it’s annoying when there is not a half-decent healthier cookie alternative in the market that doesn’t taste like saw dust, ya saw dust!

  • By sourcing highest quality of raw materials locally and ethically, we support local                 communities and small businesses
  • We care for our environment and use sustainable practices
  • We do our little bit by supporting RPSO and using sustainable palm oil
  • We are Celiac Australia and New Zealand trademarked
  • We create local jobs
  • And most importantly, with our increasing exports we are telling the story of New Zealand, one cookie at a time!

At Justine’s, we believe healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Healthy shouldn’t be a choice, it should be your default. Our cookies are not just power-packed with protein, they are extremely low on carbs and they taste seriously good too. They are batch-made with a good measure of passion and undergo the highest quality tests. So they won’t increase your waist-line or rot your teeth, when you sink your teeth into our lovingly-made cookies!