Justine has perfected tasty, guilt-free cookies to suit every dietary need.

Her snacking solutions are packed full of flavor and goodness. Made right here in New Zealand, Justine’s products are high in fiber, and all are ultra-low carb. We have you covered to meet your dietary needs. All products are keto friendly, made with no added sugar and are Halal and Kosher certified. All our range apart from our crispy toffee Crunch contains no added wheat flour. We use a base of the finest almond meal only. For vegans, we also have you covered so you do not miss out. So, there is something for everyone.

Justine's Cookies Keto Friendly Cookies
Keto Friendly Cookies
Guilt-free and delicious cookies including Keto-friendly, Vegan, no dairy, no sugar or no gluten cookie options.
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Justine's Cookies Mini Protein Cookies
Mini Protein Cookies
Perfect snack friendly size, available in Keto cookie varieties, with a range of tasty flavours to choose from.
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Justine's Cookies Keto Friendly Cookie Crumbs
Cookie Crumbs
A versatile, essential pantry item, perfect for deserts or breakfasts, low carb and wheat free.
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Justine's Cookies Keto Friendly Baking Ingredients
Baking Ingredients
Bake in a better way, with our range of guilt-free and Keto-friendly baking ingredients.
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Justine's Cookies Keto Friendly, Guilt Free Snacking Solutions

Cookies are a universally delicious snack.

There is just something about Justine’s selections that make you want to take a bite. Whether it is the protein-packed chocolate chip cookie or a more exotic Ginger n Spice flavor, we just can’t get enough! The best part is you can enjoy Justine’s cookies and brownies without any guilt.

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Our Mission

Justine’s Cookies has a purpose - we are dedicated to creating compelling, guilt-free snacking solutions for people of all walks of life to enjoy. Justine’s has harnessed the world’s universal love for cookies and developed recipes that taste great and cater for Vegan, Keto, Halal, Kosher and Gluten Free dietary requirements. Our customers love our brand because of what we stand for and how we are constantly striving to be better and discover new cookie solutions.