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Based on 855 reviews
Yummy & crunchy

I just tried one of these cookies & loved it! It had a nice crunch which I love about afghans. Are these available in bite sized snacks?

Soft & Chewy

Easy to mix, bake & eat!! Good for toasting too, but needs much longer proving time of 1hr for normal sized loaf in average pan. Happy to recommend😁

Keto Afghan Crunch

I really enjoy these cookies. Lovely flavour great amount of crunch. Perfect as a pick me up with a cup of coffee.

5 star

These cookies are delicious and my favorite of the Justines range. Crunchy and closest to a "real" cookie

Peanut butter cookies

Really nice, great for a quick lunch or 3 pm pick me up

Yummy keto cookie

Perfect for morning tea or supper. Even better dunk in coffee. Yum yum.

great sweet snack

great to have 2 flavours in one bag.
Is it just me or are they getting sweeter?
Very happy if you dial back the sweetness level

Yummo 😋

Both fav in one pouch🤘. Ka Rawe 😁

Keto cookies

Absolutely love these cookies. Taste delicious. Good for a sweet treat when you are on the go or as a treat at night. Service was very fast. Definitely be back to buy more!

Love this ginger flavour. yummy

Orange choc chip

Nice but needs a bit more flavour

Yummy for your tummy!

I love these cookies! Was surprised to see a mix bag👍 My two fav which was great to see in one pack. Ka Rawe!

Who would have thought!

Yummy for your tummy. Never knew these spice were available. Love the tin they come in and bigger than sample minis😉👏

Super yummy snack

Love little cookies with keto coffee. Goes down so well and gteat having a choice of 2 flavours in 1 bag.

Delicious Tasty Keto Cookie

Another great truly keto cookie option. Really enjoyed this flavour…one was not enough so will be ordering more next time!

Crunchy Tasty Goodness

Great to find a truly keto cookie that tastes good and moreish. Hard to stop at one. Our new family favourite!

Awesome Awesome Awesome

These have helped curb my sweet tooth and the size is perfect to throw in my bag for when I'm out for coffee/movies can have a treat

Great tasty breakfast for me, gives me enough energynto go for the day.

These are delicious

Love these cookies. The satisfy the sweet spot. Love putting them in a microwave for 12 secs so the are soft and chewy. YUM!

Good value

It’s great having two flavours in one bag.

Great snacks

Great flavour love the mix as not often can you get this unless you buy different bags, I always took a cookie to work for that mid morning snack they are enough to keep you going till lunch
Best value justine cookie that I’ve seen for a while as I have stopped buying due to the price hopefully they keep these on website

Super crunchy Afghans

My husband LOVES these, he'd happily eat 2+ per day. I didn't love them as much (more for him) and wish the protein was higher. But they are a great low carb snack and don't taste keto at all!

My favourite flavour

Love these small protein cookies, just enough to have with a coffee.
Expensive, so love it when I can buy on special

Best cookie ever for Keto

Honestly I don't know how I could live without these. Great daytime or evening snacks for those on Keto. Superb flavour... Great crunch and no horrible aftertaste.