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Based on 489 reviews
Choc Chip Protein Cookie Crumbs

These are an awesome treat. Tasty on yogurt or ice cream. Great for everything

Fab tasting product

Best choc cookie I have eaten. Very filling for morning or lunch. Delicious

Fruit cake delight

Easy to prepare, cooks well, better eaten next day. Flavour and softness improved with standing overnight. I'd make it again.

The best Cookies ever!

I just love this product. They have a great taste and are very filling when you are out and about and hungry. I love the individual packet idea and they are easy to slip in your handbag or pocket. I find they are so filling that I only eat half of the cookie at a time. A great product! Well done Justine’s. Keep up the good work in making more.

Best Ginger cookies EVER!!!!

Even before I went sugar free I thought these cookies were the bomb! After griffen's packed up and moved to Australia our gingernuts never tasted the same again and these cookies were an easy replacement as one small cookie replaced 5-6 gingernuts! The flavour for All ginger lovers is pure and the flavour lingers on the taste buds for ages after :)

Justine's Keto Friendly Raspberry White Choc Protein Cookie 60g

Awesome as usual :)

Ginger and spice

totally enjoy these cookies loved the mini packs for ease of carrying in my back pack


As my "Keto Family" and my husband and I (sugar-free) were celebrating Christmas Tea, I needed to focuss on sugar-free keto foods for the event! This cake took us all by surprise and I should have brought two! it was such a hit with the family even the grandkids (Not keto or sugar-free) thought it was yummy! Well done Justines you have nailed it again!!!!!! :)

Great cookies

I love these cookies. They taste so good and are the best after work out treat with how much protein they have! :)

Best Flavour

Great tasting at a good price.

Trifle with a twist!

I made in a muffin tray and then added to the trifle. Delicious twist!

Cookies box

Well these cookies are great to have in pantry,..and having a selection is like 'mmmmm now which one shall I have'?
Spoilt for choice!

Nice light texture

Must admit added a few extra walnuts and craisins but really pleased with the texture and taste of the Christmas cake mix


These are absolutely disgusting. This is the second review that I have done for these and the first one vanished and both I have given one star. They were dry and the taste was nothing like shortbread at all. I put the foul taste down to the sweetener but not 100% sure it was that. But I would not recommend buying them to anyone.

Sorry to hear this Olivia. Don't know what happened to your first review. However this has been published & we are disappointed to hear you didnt enjoy the shortbread. Some loved it & others didnt . We try to do our best

Love love

Love these cookies, just the right mix of peanut butter and chocolate chip. Always been a favourite ❤️

Toffee Crunch Cookie

These are so favourite out of all of them!!! So yum to have a crunchy cookie!!!

Overbearing ginger taste and sharp after taste

Excelent taste and unique texture

These would be my 2nd favorite for texture behind the toffee crunch and my favorite for the flavor. Definitely a great buy for those looking for a little variety

Best keto Xmas cake mix

Easy to make and tastes great. Have already brought more.

Justine's Toffee Crunch Keto Friendly Protein Cookie - 45g x 12 Cookies To A Box

The right amount of caramel

I flit around the cookies and this is a good one for a change in combination with my standard favorites.
I don’t usually like caramel however these cookies are just right.

Love them

They are so yummy, & just the right size.