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A new sort of porridge

I missed porridge in the morning. While this is not like traditional porridge it makes an excellent substitute for a warm breakfast on cold days.

RaspberryWhite choc cookies

These cookies are fantastic. I love the flavour combo. So nice to have some that are not cocoa or milk/dark chocolate based, or with peanuts. The texture is lovely and they are really delicious. They are going to be a favourite for sure!


Love these biscuits! They come well packaged in a beautiful tin and taste amazing with the perfect crunch 🙂 perfect for us busy working Mumas!

Not for me

So this isn't for me just not to my taste. Lots of coconut flavour and pieces and seeds

Absoultley Delicious

the flavour wasnt too overwhelming which is perfect


Different from the other range
These are crunchy and have a different texture
Hint - buy sugar free marshmallows and make s’mores

You need these in your life!

I cannot stress how utterly amazing these brownies are! They are really heavy and chewy, and you feel like you are actually being naughty with your diet! They really hit that 'sweet' craving for me, and they somehow do lessen my craving for other sweet stuff. Definitely my daily go-to treat. So glad I found them cos they are helping keep me on track with my weight loss programme. A final bonus is that they are GF - having just found out that I am gluten sensitive, they make finding a sweet treat that much easier :)

Keto Choc Fudge Mini Protein Cookie Pouch

I love the flavour of the chocolate Fudge protein cookies. The minis are a great size to have as a snack and when you have a sweet craving.

Afghan Crunch

Tasty an crunchy


Love these just enough a sweet keto friendly treat


This porridge is so delicious! Lovely texture, creamy and so easy to make. It's so good I've ordered 2 more bags as it doesn't last long!

Super Delicious

Oh yum, these are soooo good!! If you’re after a delicious crunchy biscuit, these tick all the boxes!!!

Justine's Keto Porridge Mix 200 G

So much like the real thing.... lovely smooth texture and a nice 'zing' of flavours


Had not tried this flavour

mini keto chocolate chip

love these will order again

Justine's Keto Afghan Crunch Cookie 25g x 12 ( Refiller Pouch)

Justine's Keto Afghan Crunch Cookie 25g x 12 ( Refiller Pouch)

It’s a like

Different taste to my expectations, coconutty, but that’s OK. I think I’ll use a bit less water next time I use it. I’m a bit old school enjoying porridge that almost sticks to my spoon. 😊

The kids didn't know the difference!

Yum! The whole family loved these keto scones, served with butter and sugar free jam. Easy and quick to make, they are going to be a staple in our pantry.

Raspberry white choc mini protein pouch

I'm on a keto journey and have been a huge fan of justines for many years now. I find these a perfect size as a go to snack and they really satisfy my sweet cravings. They are one of my favourite flavours 👍


Absolutely love this tumbler! Perfect large size to take on the go and keep everything nice and cold. My new favourite iced coffee takeaway cup!

Porridge is so good

Love love love ! This is so good and has a great price tag compared to others

Mint dark choc chip protein cookies

One word..YUMMY!!!