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Just what you’re looking for. Perfect size with just the right amount of peanut butter flavour, packed with protein and low on sugar and carbs. This is the perfect cookie as a snack after the gym and awesome to cook with to.

Justine's Mixed Selection Box Of 12 Of Our Keto Friendly Protein Cookies

Best cookies

I really love Justine cookies they taste amazing and it's hard to choose what flavour is my favourite but I'm going to say the raspberry white choc come s first in my opinion.

Awesome to eat on the go!

These cookies are delicious and it’s great to try all the flavours to find my favourites plus customer support is fantastic

Caramel chocolate chip cookie

Great flavour look forward to eating them after my workout


These are delicious, great value and make a nice fulfilling snack to get through the day

Vegan Ginger & Spice Protein Cookie

The Vegan Ginger & Spice Protein Cookie is the cream of the cookie range. They melt in the mouth and are packed full of flavour. Yummmmmm!!!

Mini raspberry white chocolate protein cookie

Love the mini side..but wish there were more in a box! Great snack

Great delicious cookies

Loved the cookies, 2 were a bit high in carbs though to fit macros (the vegan ones) but the others were fabulous!

The best cookies

The best guilt free treat, without the nasty protein taste. All the flavours are amazing but choc chip is my fav!

cookie heaven

came across these beauties in my local pharmacy and I ordered my first box of cookies straight after! Good snack to have in the office and in my bag when i am out and about. For a sneaky treat top it with a scoop of your favourite vegan ice-cream & its magic!

Yummy and fast delivery

Arrived just in time for breakfast. Happy with quality and taste. It's it possible though to make the wrappings easier to open? Maybe a little tear to help get started, as always struggle opening them. Thank you

Kool keto cookies

Great tasting cookies Ideal when you need that sugar fix Great price Great delivery service Try the cookies crumb packets Awesome for desserts

Awesome snack size

Great to be able to have the smaller size, perfect for snack at work

best tasting and healthier then most if not all others.

The best-tasting keto cookie I've found very rich and think it beats even the non-keto cookies, a great treat to not stray off a keto diet.


I would definitely get these again hit that chocolate craving 😁😊


This is my new go to snack, so tasty and leaves you feeling super satisfied. Can easily keep in handbag or cupboard for those moments when you just want something sweet, they even come in a cute little size too

My faves!

These are my go to snacks. I can’t get enough of them.

Best ever for Keto!

Very tasty and filling. Great while on keto!

Love these

The brownie has got to be one of the best flavours, Justine's Cookies are my favourite keto snack!

Justine's Keto Friendly Peanut Butter Mini Protein Cookie 25g