4 Best Workout Apps of 2017

Mar 7, 2017


This is one for newbies and pro’s alike. No matter what your fitness levels, it’s hard to keep on track with a workout if you don’t really know what you’re doing (we all have those lacklustre days at the gym), or if you have no means of tracking your progress.

It’s all good and well to take a pen and paper with you we think we can all agree that it’s easier to have it all in one place, especially if that place can pump out beats, too. So, we’ve compiled a list of apps to get you on your way.


We like the name of this one, it’s very Suess-ish and actually is an abbreviated form of Simply WORK IT.

There’s no equipment required for this bad boy. It’s kind of a Spotify of the workout world; people of differing skill levels can compile a workout that they like and find effective and share it with the world. Now, that’s teamwork.

You can choose the duration time of your workout and whether you want to do; yoga, pilates, cardio, stretches, etc. It’s available for Apple and Andriod and best of all, it’s free!

Get it here https://sworkit.com


This one claims that it’s the #1 Data Driven Workout App. Pretty big claims for such a little app, huh?

It’s main selling points are personalized workout routines, track and record, analyze and improve, and the ability to join a community of workout freaks just like yourself. This gives you the option of creating your own workout routines (there are over 1300 workouts available) or stealing workout plans from the community of pals you have just joined.

One feature we really like is the ability to record as you go, and it’s pretty specific. You record your reps, resting time, and the weight, this provides a really comprehensive record of your results and progress.  

Available for Apple and Android for free at https://www.jefit.com

Stronglifts 5 x 5

This one’s a little more hardcore than the rest, it’s designed to be like something of a ‘virtual trainer’ that gets fast results by burning fat and building muscle quickly.

It does contain a lot of similar features as the other apps featured on this list but has been designed with convenience in mind so customisation and ease while you’re sweating away is made easy.

This one has no ads guys, and yes, it’s free! This is a pretty cool addition, those little blighters can be quite annoying at the best of times.

Available for Android and Apple via https://stronglifts.com/apps/


Okay, you got us. This one’s not a workout for the body but rather a physical for the mind.

It’s a free app (hip-hooray) and you even get ten free introductory sessions. This is best for a portable device such as a phone, meaning you can meditate on the go. This is perfect for after a workout, helping you de-stress completely, clearing your mind from all the fuss that can sometimes get you down.

An added bonus with this one is that the guys voice is very dreamy and relaxing. Best not to do this one while in bed as you might find yourself nodding off.

Available for Apple and Android via https://www.headspace.com/how-it-works

So, there you have it. Five handy apps that’ll mean you don’t have to scribble on a little pad and you’ll be helping the environment. It’s all counts, right?