4 Unusual Workouts to Get You Out of That "Gym Grind"

Feb 23, 2017


Even if you’re the most enthusiastic gym rat out, you know there are some days when the thought of hitting the gym is, well.. Blah.

We’ve compiled a list of workout classes to inject some new inspiration into your weekly routine. So, get perspiring.

  1. Laughing Yoga

We know, the thought of this one is enough to warm the cockles but this is precisely the desired effect. Yoga has been acknowledged as one of the trendiest exercises for decades now; it suits everyone and it makes you look spiritually in-touch and zen as heck. Laughing while doing yoga definitely dispels the cool-factor associated with the art but boy does it look fun!

For those of you who are pretty serious about calories, laughing yoga is an excellent way of putting those abs in motion and burning an extra few kilojoules while having an absolute blast. Laughter is the best medicine so it’s a win-win.

Laughing Yoga is excellent for decreasing stress and making you feel good with all those endorphins and what not. So, grab your mat and get giggling.

  1. Barre Classes

Barré huh, exotic enough for you? We all know that ballerinas have killer bods so if that’s your end goal then this one’s definitely for you.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that Barré is exercise inspired by ballet, but a barré class is nothing like that full on cardio workout you get with Zumba. Instead, it’s a choreographed melody of stretches that aim to strengthen and elongate muscles, making you leaner than a chicken breast.

Think of barré as pilate’s big sister; it is the best core workout of them all, it improves posture, strengthens muscles (of course), is low impact, and increases your flexibility.

Bonus: it’s a hit with Victoria’s Secret models so, if you want to look like an angel then get to a barré class near you!

  1. Hula Hooping

Fun, right? Never have we met anyone who doesn’t like to hoop-de-hoop. Okay, we get it. This one’s kind of not really a class but you could make it one, if you really wanted to. Invite yo' friends!

Hula hooping is great for those of you that work in the office, or spend long hours seated at a desk because it helps to realign the spine. Like barré, it it also excellent for your core, shredding those muscles you never knew you had.

It doesn’t just work that core either; it’s unbelievable for your glutes, arms and thighs as you try to keep that hoop swinging! Beyond and above this, it makes you feel like a kid again, so tap into those happy feelings and get hooping.

  1. Parkour

Okay, this one’s a bit wild and is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t know what parkour is, it’s basically a french-military style of training in which you use your surroundings as your own personal obstacle course.

This is a full-body workout in which you roll about, jump, climb, and swing around on your local concrete jungle. This is something that absolutely takes practise, you don’t really want to jump into the deep end here, it quite often occurs in a public place and we’re assuming you don’t really want to injure yourself around others because that’s embarrassing.

With some investigation, there are sure to be local classes around in which you can go parkour crazy. So, get like a monkey and leap away.