5 tips on dropping the belly fat, fast and effective.

Sep 17, 2018

Spring is here! Well almost in New Zealand, we are still experiencing some cold weather, but our hopes are up for this weekend. At least this has given us a few extra weeks to work on the belly fat before we get out the summer body!

There are various ways of dropping the extra “winter blanket” you added to your body over the winter, but the exclamation is on doing it sustainable so that it stays away for a while.

There are so many diets out there, most of them not backed by any science or research, resulting in disappointment and overeating just to add another layer to the one you wanted to get rid of in the first place.

Well, here it is, we have 5 tips that will definitely help you drop the belly fat sustainably:


Fibre keeps you satisfied for longer and keeping you away from the cravings that tempt you away from your good eating habits. Justine’s Protein Cookies have 3.7g-7.5g of fiber per 64g cookie, which is 25% of your daily fiber intake. Most vegetables and fruit range from 0.5g-4.5g of fiber. Not only is fiber good for your belly fat but it also reduces the risk of diabetes and breast cancer.



Protein not only serves as a natural appetite suppressor but it also builds lean muscle and increases your metabolism that will help you drop the belly fat fast and effective! Justine’s Protein Cookies have between 15g-18.9g of protein per 64g cookie, which is 41% of your daily intake of protein for a woman.

3. Water

Drinking water is one of the most important contributors to dropping that belly fat  ASAP! Water boosts your metabolism and helps your body to clear all the toxins.

Drink Water


4. Refined Carbs

Avoid refined carbs! Refined carbs are not good for any kind of diet goals, it will not satisfy your hunger and it has worse long-term effects on your health, which includes diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Justine’s Protein Cookies has less than 3g of carbs per 64g cookie which makes it ideal as a breakfast or an on-the-go snack instead of snacks, breakfast cereals. Justine’s Cookies also has no added sugar and added sugar are the main dietary sources of refined carbs.

Refined carbs

5. Stay active

Physical exercise is not only good for dropping the belly fat but it also strengthens your immune system and muscles. There is nothing like some exercise for your stressed out mind.

It’s not that hard to drop the belly fat you gained this winter, all you need is Justine’s Cookies and some exercise!