7 Songs For You Lonely Hearts Out There

Feb 14, 2017

Valentine’s eh? That old chestnut. If you’re single you may dread this day of the year and even if you’re not you might dread it still.

This playlist is intended to go one of two ways; either you use it to wallow in your singledom, or rejoice in the fact you walking through life without the ole ball and chain.

  1. All By Myself by Eric Carmen

It doesn’t get much more self pitying than this. Allow yourself a true Bridget Jones moment with this one. Blast it while alone in your room, with so many chocolates orbiting you, you feel like a new planet.

  1. Dancing On My Own by Robyn


This one conjures feelings of your ex, there’s no doubt about that. Everyone can relate to this, rather dance on your own or with a group of your besties than with your scumbag of an ex? We feel you.

  1. Burn by Usher

We’re not entirely sure what the overall message of this song is but we hope it doesn’t inspire you to set your ex’s house ablaze. Arson is not something that should be on one's bucket list.

Instead, have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment and (safely) “burn” all mementos of your ex in a ‘cleansing ritual’. Then, listen to Usher because, why not? It’s a classic.


  1. Help! by The Beatles

Maybe you’ve just gone through a bad break up and you need a little “help” getting through it all? Look no further than the wisdom of The Beatles. The best piece of advice they/us can give you is to not ‘beat’ yourself up about it… Excuse us, it had to be done.

  1. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

This is the pinnacle of Destiny’s Child’s success, everyone can relate to blasting this one. We think the ladies were ahead of their time when describing ‘I’m not going to diss you on the internet, my momma taught me better than that’. Please don’t do this, no one had time for ex chat online, especially on Valentine’s Day. Instead, jam out. With or without wine, it’s your choice.

  1. Killing Me Softly With His Song By Fugees

Have a Love Actually moment with this one. We know, wrong holiday but right song. We hope there’s no ex out there that’s still ‘killing you softly’ with anything because one could argue that’s emotional abuse. Nevertheless, this is a great song and it’ll get you singing, there’s no doubt about that.

  1. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.


Let Pulp Fiction live through you while playing this one. Let your Mia Wallace freak flag fly.

We’re ending this playlist on an uplifting note. It may feel sad for Valentine’s but the objective here is to inject some hope into your possibly loveless life. You will find someone that conjures the message conveyed in this song. It may not be today, or tomorrow but it will happen… eventually.