8 Cheat meal strategies for Weight Loss!

Apr 29, 2019

Studies have shown that cheat meals not only helps in boosting up your metabolism but also works as a reward to your week-long diet and helps you to stick to your weight loss goals. But making yourself stick to the diet plans seems like a hard task, isn’t it? We do understand the struggle. We hereby are listing 8 cheat meal strategies which will help you stick to your weight loss goals!

Plan your cheat meal ahead of time!

Always plan your cheat meal ahead of time and try to keep it on weekends or social occasions. Planning will help you to cut down your calorie intake throughout the week and will also keep you motivated for your weight loss plans. It will also help you keep your midweek cravings at bay. So next time, whenever you will be tempted to have that slice of pizza, your upcoming cheat day is what will keep you going!

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Earn that cheat meal to pump up your metabolism!

Be sure that you deserve every bit of your cheat meal of the week. Keep a control on your diet before you gorge on your cheat meal. Why? When you eat a low-calorie food the leptin levels in our body goes down which helps us lose weight. The more leptin levels are, the hungrier we feel. But, a low level of leptin levels also decreases our metabolism rate. Your cheat meal of the week will help you get your leptin levels up and thus helps you increase your metabolism. But make sure that you have earned that meal by following a diet plan and exercise routine throughout your routine.

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Avoid overeating on your cheat day!

Stick that cheat meal to one cheat meal only and don’t take it to an entire cheat evening. Plan your cheat meal ahead of time and stick to it. Don’t rush after that tempting dessert after you had your cheat meal for the week. Keep yourself stick to your plans. Remember, all your hard work will pay off one day when you will feel fitter than ever before.


Eat your favorite cheat meal!

You only got one cheat meal a week, make sure you eat your most favorite cheat meal on your cheat day, that will be a treat to your taste buds. It’s your big day so don’t restrict yourself on your food choices. You will miss out the feeling of being rewarded if you restrict your choices of a cheat meal. Remember that you have earned it by working hard for the whole week. So enjoy that dream meal you have been thinking of the entire week!

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Don’t go for your cheat meal when you are famished!

Some people starve themselves before having their cheat meal but that’s not a good idea. This will make you eat way more than planned. It’s better to eat something healthy on your cheat day like, fruits, nuts or grab Justine’s Cookie before you gorge on your meal. This will save you from overeating your cheat meal!

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Take time to enjoy your cheat meal!

We know that you have been patient the entire week to enjoy this meal but don’t rush yourself into finishing it. Take time to enjoy every bite of it. Remember it takes 20 minutes for our brain to realize that our stomach is full, so eat slowly. You miss out on the feeling of being rewarded if you rush yourself through your meal. So next time you go out for your cheat meal, take time to enjoy every bit of it!

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Have water with your cheat meal!

Water not only helps you to prevent your metabolism becomes sluggish but it also helps you to feel fuller. Keep a pitcher of water on your table and make sure you have a glass of water before you start treating yourself for your cheat meal. Having water will also help you to get rid of toxins from your body and excess salts contained in your meal. Adding a dash of lime to it is even greater, as it works as a great antioxidant. So next time don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated on your cheat day!

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Work out before for your dream meal!

Make sure that you workout before you go gorging on your cheat meal. The workout will help you in depleting your glycogen levels i.e it will utilize the sugar in your body. So when you go to eat your meal, your body won’t store any fat before the glycogen stores are met. In short, your cheat meal won’t add that extra fat to your arm if you exercise before devouring it. Exciting? Isn’t?

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Though cheat meals are great for keeping you motivated throughout your weight loss journey if you can’t starve yourself until the end of the week, then delicious Justine’s Protein Cookies are your way to guilt-free indulgence. How does this healthy cheat meal sound to you?

Justines Cookies

You can go crazy with Justine’s Cookies and the options to combine it with other delicacies is endless!

Tell us about your favorite cheat meal strategy in the comments below.