Calcium Caseinate - The genius protein source

Aug 7, 2017

Calcium Caseinate - The genius protein source

Calcium caseinate is a protein produced from casein in skimmed milk and sometimes 1% milk. It is instantly soluble in water and because of its instant solubility it is widely used in food and beverage industry for products like coffee creamers and cream soups.

Calcium caseinate has found many other uses too. Athletes, body builders and active sportsmen use it as a dietary supplement at night, with breakfast or after work outs. It is different from whey protein in the sense that it breaks down at a slower rate than whey protein and supplies body with a sustained release of amino acid over a longer period of time, that is, up to 10 hours.

Calcium caseinate is produced by changing the pH of milk to neutral or acid. At this stage, casein is relatively insoluble in water and easily separated from other milk proteins and sugars. After separation, it is combined with calcium hydroxide at high alkaline levels and dried as protein.


What are some of the benefits of calcium caseinate?

  • When regular meals are not possible, this protein provides body with a steady supply of amino acids
  • It can help in increasing your metabolism
  • It can be taken as supplement to add extra protein to you diet without adding extra sugar or fat to your diet, thus aiding in weight loss
  • It helps in preventing snacking and over eating
  • It is suitable for men and women of all ages
  • It has high levels of minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for bone formation and  strength
  • It provides muscle restoration
  • L-Glutamine in Calcium caseinate helps in muscle building

Needless to say this has come to be known as a ‘wonder protein’ in the fitness world and has come to be used as one of the active ingredients in cooking and baking too. It has a very stable shelf-life and is hence used widely in food and confectionary industries. All our products are made up on Justine’s secret Protein Blend, however, we are glad to share that the main ingredient is Calcium Caseinate.