Can you reduce your risk of cancer?

Oct 5, 2018

You have control over reducing your risk of cancer, take control now…

You have full control over certain habits and lifestyle choices that can reduce your risk of cancer.  You can reduce the intake of foods that increase the risk of cancer and make healthy food choices to support your immune system and to ensure your body is strong and fit.

How important is a healthy diet?

There are some factors you can control when it comes to your health and your diet is one of these factors, choosing a healthy lifestyle and healthy food goes a long way. By avoiding certain foods and replacing these foods with healthier options you can reduce your risk of diseases and increase your immune system and overall health.


Add lots of fiber in your diet!

There are many benefits of high fiber diets, including reducing your risk of cancer by helping keep cancer-promoting compounds moving through your digestive system faster, before they can get up to any mischief. By making sure you have a high fiber intake could help prevent colorectal cancer and other digestive system cancers.

Justine’s Protein cookies have 3.7g-7.9g fiber per cookie this is 26% of your daily intake, it has the bonus of being a delicious sweet treat as well.

Eat healthy fats:

The keto or high-fat diet is very popular these days, making it very important to ensure you include all the healthier fats in your diet. Eating a high-fat diet can increase your risk of various types of cancer and on the other side if you take in the healthier fats this may decrease your risk of cancer.

To reduce your risk of cancer you can reduce saturated fats in your daily diet and increase unsaturated fats.

Justine’s Protein Cookies are a little on the higher side of fats but these are majorly the good types of fat.



Reduce your sugar intake:

We all know by now that sugar is not good for us it can rot your teeth or even expand your waistline but reducing the risk of cancer is another great benefit when we consider a healthier lifestyle.

A high intake of refined carbs can also increase your blood sugar rapidly. This has been linked to an 88% greater risk of prostate cancer and it also affects your health seriously.

Justine’s Protein cookies have less than 3g of net carbs her 64g cookie and no added sugar, making them perfect for a healthier alternative to all the cookie monsters out there.


What else can you do to reduce your risk of cancer?

Other than eating healthier and reducing foods that are bad for you and increase your risk of cancer you can also do the following…

-Make sure you are at a healthy weight, not under or overweight. Overweight and obesity can increase your risk of various cancers including bowel, breast, prostate, pancreatic, endometrial, kidney, gallbladder, oesophageal, and ovarian cancers.

-Make clear 30min from your schedule every day for some physical activity. This active time decreases the risk of colon, endometrial, and postmenopausal breast cancer.

-Reduce our alcohol intake. The healthier intake is two units of alcohol per day for males and one unit of alcohol per day for females.

-This is such an important point that we are mentioning it again. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet then there is no need to take supplements to reduce your risk of cancer.

Most of us know someone with cancer or we know someone that knows someone with cancer. Cancer is not that far from us! Now we know that we have a certain extent of control over certain aspects and habits that can reduce our risk of cancer, let’s quit the bad ones and add the better ones. You have control over this!


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