Celebrating a great 2017 with a new look.

Dec 5, 2017


Look out for Justine’s Cookies new freshly baked look. We have turned the heat in our ovens to high with our new hot look!

Justine’s sits on a sweet spot, of providing consumers of all kinds, whether they have dietary restrictions or are just super active, health-conscious and hungry, with what we call #GuiltFreeIndulgence. With our products we can promise you that they are Ultra Low Carb, High in Protein, Calcium and Fibre, Wheat, Gluten, and Sugar Free.

At Justine’s, we have always strived to create smart snacks that are both delicious and nutritious. Constantly working on our formulae, our R&D has managed to make our healthy cookie, even more healthier. This change gave us an opportunity to uplift our packaging, we decided to go with a much more cleaner face to ensure the packaging reflects the freshness of our product while maintaining the vibrancy of our flavours through the bright colours. We are a happy product and that reflects in our colours.

2017 has been a great year for Justine’s Cookies, and there is no better way to celebrate our achievements with a great new look.We close 2017 with a bang, and anticipate many more stirring things ahead with more great bakes for 2018.