Dracula's Dentures Keto Halloween Cookies

Oct 11, 2022

Here's an easy keto Halloween cookie recipe that's scarily sweet! 

These keto Dracula denture cookies are made from our mini keto cookies, keto white choc baking chips and mini marshmallows with slice almond fangs! 

Thanks to using Justine's Cookies these spooky treats are ultra-low carb & sugar, high protein, and come together in under 10 minutes! This is a fantastic school holiday baking activity for the kids, or make a great addition at Halloween parties. Using white chocolate over keto icing as our glue also means that these cookies set hard and are easily transportable for school lunch boxes and events.

These keto Halloween cookies are super customisable! Just add edible fake blood for a more spooktacular effect, or add a white chocolate tongue!  

Make sure you eat these Dracula's dentures before they eat you! 



You’d better eat these spooky cookies before they eat you! With just a few Justine's Mini Cookies, mini keto marshmallows, white chocolate and a bit of creativity you could be rocking your very own set of dracula's dentures! (if you can resist keeping them in your mouth without eating them, that is!) Find the full recipe and measurements online at www.justinescookies.com

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Dracula's Dentures Keto Halloween Cookies Ingredients 


Dracula's Dentures Keto Halloween Cookies Method

Add to a glass bowl your Justine's Keto White Choc Baking Chips and melt in the microwave at 20 second intervals until fully melted. 

Stir in a few drops of red or pink food colouring until you reach your desired gum & tongue colour. 

Cut a Justine's Mini Cookie in half, spread the melted white chocolate on both halves and add 6 mini keto marshmallows to one half to form the teeth. 

Sandwich the two halves together, and add an almond slice to either side of the front two teeth to act as fangs. 

Let set & enjoy! 


For the Vampire Cookies with Tongues

Spread a spoonful of the melted chocolate mix onto a sheet of baking paper, shape into a tongue shape and let set.

Prepare cookies as per the above method but add marshmallow "teeth" to both cookie halves. Add almond fangs to just one half. 

Place the now set chocolate tongue on top of the cookie half without fangs, the place the half with fangs on top. If required, use extra melted white chocolate to help glue all the pieces together.