Five At Home Workouts to Burn off that Christmas Ham

Jan 17, 2017

 So, you over-indulged over the Christmas period, eating one too many pies or gorging yourself on leftovers for weeks after Christmas? Had a booze-fuelled rampage over New Years and now your waistline is paying the price?

Include these workouts into your day seamlessly and burn it all to hell, baby.


  1. Squat While you Brush:

We all know squats are where it's at and this exercise move has never been more trendy. It has a full range of benefits; it's not only good for tightening those glutes and the rest of your lower body, it's great for the abdominal and back muscles too. This increases your overall fat burning mode, the bigger and stronger your muscles are: the more fat you burn.

They're also phenomenal for improving balance, something we could all use a little bit more of in life. So, you get the squat bit but where does the brush come in? Why, your teeth silly! You've got four minutes each day to squeeze in as much bun-clenching fun as you can muster. Additionally, your teeth will be gleaning. So, get cracking!

  1. Bed Press-Ups:

Now, this one sounds way too good to be true, right? Burning calories while in bed? Well, not quite. This one requires that you place your hands on the edge of your bed, assuming your typical plank/ press up stance with your toes on the floor and get to it!

You can do this one when you get out of bed (hopefully you make it that far) and when you get into bed each night. At the beginning you might want to start with twenty push ups but in no time you will be able to do more than you count.

Bonus: in the evenings you will be rewarded with bedtime afterwards and is there anything better? We don't think so.

  1. Yoga:

Now, this one can range in intensity. At worst, it turns one into a sweaty, quivering yet elegant mess and at best it is a series of well-choreographed stretches. Yoga has so many benefits to the body and mind that’ll be hard to name all of them in one post but we’ll give it a shot. Yoga is good for; increased flexibility, muscle strengthening, it perfects posture and strengthens the spine, it ups your heart rate while lowering blood pressure, improves quality of sleep, and it makes you happy!

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice and is thus considered a form of mediation, helping you unwind after a long day getting stuck into the work grind. So, roll out your yoga mat, morning or night and vinyasa to it!

  1. Chore Dancing:

Most of us mere mortals simply hate all forms of chore-like duties but we have crafted a way to spice things up! Dance while you sweep or vaccuum, shimmy while you clean that toilet, or cut shapes while taking down those Christmas decorations. Yes, you will feel like a right plonker at first but once you get into it it’s super fun, we promise. It’ll get your heart rate up and if you have some good music to accompany it then you’ll be away laughing.

We advice doing this while home alone unless you are extremely comfortable with those around you, worst case scenario you’ll both get a giggle out of it, and thus you’ll brighten someone's day. Why, aren’t you a good samaritan?


  1. Grocery Weights:

Get your arm muscle going at home with some makeshift dumbbells. This one’s pretty self explanatory: pick up a can in each hand and get going on your usual arm routine.

If you’re feeling a little reckless, you could try this one with a bottle of wine in each hand, they’re a little more weighty (providing they’re full) so you’ll increase resistance and thus, gain more. There’s an added perk to this one too, you can treat yourself to a glass afterwards! We’re hoping this is not something you’re including in your morning routine but we don’t judge here at Justine’s.

Remember, Justine’s are guilt-free, high in protein and have no added sugar so are an excellent way to treat yourself post-workout, especially if you want to make those gains. Also, are a marvellous way to wean yourself off any leftover Christmas treats.