Four Ways To Stay Healthy In The New Year

Jan 24, 2017


 Health equals wealth, yes? By now we're probably all back into the grind of work and life so here are four tips to ensure you're at your healthiest, wealthiest best.

    1. Drink Water

Water, right? Of course, it seems so obvious. It's everywhere and you should absolutely monopolise on it.

It does all the good things and the holiday period is the perfect time to make drinking galleons of water your new habit. Well, maybe not galleons because that's inconvenient, but you get our drift.

It improves concentration and decreases fatigue, aids weight loss, and helps your bowels stay regular. Just to name a few. And yes, all these things are great but it also helps with a glowing, healthy complexion so much so that all your friends will ask what your secret is, even if you are indulging in less-than-healthy activities.

Additionally, if you're living in the southern hemisphere you're bound to get burned by that wicked sun that sits just above a large hole in our ozone, so to combat some of the negative effects of this make sure you're getting your fill of the good stuff: that H20.

   2. Laugh

We know, this one's a little cheesy but it's a really important one. What is life without laughter?

We hope that at this time of the year you can let your hair down and have a good ole chuckle about life.  Also, laughter is like, really really good for you. It decreases stress, so if you've got difficult family members then this one is for you. Instead of taking their snide comments on whether or not you received a New Years kiss, make a joke about it and laugh it off. Not only will you confuse them, you'll feel great.

Laughter is also an endorphin, meaning that it acts as a natural painkiller. Not only this, it increases immunity and thus your ability to fight off diseases. This proves that laughter truly is the best medicine. Just when this cheese fondue couldn't get any cheesier: we added gouda, my friends.

   3. Swim/Dance:

For Southern Hemisphereans: Swimming!

For those who are facing the menacing heat of summer, swimming is the coolest and certainly the most refreshing way to get your cardio in and build muscle this New Year.

Did you know that the water supports 90% of your body weight so it's an awesome way for those who may have induced any injuries over the break to get some exercise. It also ensures that it's an effortless means of getting all your cardio needs while supporting all that extra ham you may or may not have consumed over the Christmas period.

Swimming in the ocean is an even better way of fortifying your health, if you can brave it. Salty water is a great cure for any skin abrasions, as it's naturally healing: this includes sunburn. So, immerse yourself. Get in the water and thrash about, your body and mind will thank you for it.

For Northern Hermisphereans: Dance, get your groove on!

We know it's winter for a large part of the world so a fantastic and somewhat silly activity to ensure cardio health is to cut some shapes.

Dancing is an inherent part of many cultures and is not limited to the ballroom variety, although if that's what floats your boat then hop to it! It's a great way to get the heart racing, it strengthens bones, betters co-ordination and is great for mental wellbeing. It improves self confidence and self esteem so is excellent for those facing the doom and gloom of winter.

You can shimmy whenever, don't take it too seriously. When you're brushing your teeth in the morning, or are alone in the elevator, do a little dance. It might make you feel silly but most importantly, it will make you laugh and it will warm your bones, something much needed considering the climate.

   4. Vitamin D3:

Sunlight: the glorious plant-sprouting super-being that hangs in our skies. It is loved an despised by many but is oh-so important to so many aspects of our health.

For those experiencing summer, get out there and drink the sunlight. It'll help you stock up your levels of Vitamin D3 for the winter, increasing serotonin levels, which assist in fighting off those pesky blues that arise during the winter. It increases immunity and even lowers blood pressure but, take it easy and make sure you're being sun smart. Wear sunscreen and a hat to battle against the blight that is sunburn.

For those living somewhere cold: getting sun is not quite as easy. Make sure you're taking a supplement, your brain will thank you for it. If it's a sunny day, spend your lunch break outside, even if it's for ten minutes. Such exposure will really help in the long run and you'll feel much better for it!