How to avoid festive season weight gain!

Dec 18, 2018

The festive season is all about family gatherings, this goes hand in hand with the families favorite recipes and eating great food as a family or with your friends! You also have a lot more time on your hands to snack a bit here and there when you visit your friends or watch your favorite movie with comforting snacks. Research showed that the average person gains at least 1kg per annum and most of this is over the festive season. This 1kg is never fully lost again and this can lead to obesity over a period of time.


Loose weight over this festive season:

You can do a few simple things to lose weight rather than gain weight over this festive season! What a great gift this will be to your body, the gift of health! Make these simple small changes to lose weight:


Walk off the weight - walk 10,000 steps each day

Walking is not only good for your weight but it can also be a great festive season activity for the holiday. You will be surprised how many great walking trails are around you when you just explore a bit. Ask your friends and family to join and make it an activity that also keeps you active and your waistline under control. If it is close enough to walk, don’t take the car, challenge yourself to rather walk if you need milk or bread, you have the time now, it’s holiday! If the weather does not allow you to walk outside walk inside, walk inside your nearest mall, go window shopping!


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Pack a healthy snack - Choose a snack that will sustain you


It’s important to plan your day and be prepared as you are not in your normal routine anymore and fast food is too easy to grab as its convenient. Pack a healthy snack to sustain you for these situations. Justine’s Protein Cookies are the perfect convenient snack with high protein to sustain you and it’s small and light to carry with you to the beach or your next holiday outing.

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Look at the labels - Be aware of what you put in your body!

 You will be surprised to see what you learn about the food you eat when you read the labels. By reading the labels of the food you eat you will realize that not all foods are what they claim to be. Justine’s Cookies has some of the greatest Nutritional Information on Protein Cookies out there. You can see for yourself. We have compared with most of the Protein cookies on the market.

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Replace your drinks with water - Limit fruit juice. Alcohol is high in calories so limit to one a day for women and two for men.

 Replacing your drinks with water will save you from a lot of sugar rushes and dental appointments! The sugar content in the liquid beverages are extremely high and just by replacing these drinks with water can save you from a whole lot of issues that go hand in hand with sugars!


These are just a few guidelines you can follow this holiday to make sure you maintain that summer body you have been working hard for this year or even achieving your goals that you have been struggling with for the whole year!