How To: Get Creative!

Mar 9, 2017


Envious of the tortured artist? Those people in your life that are constantly pursuing creative endeavours and are making life work around it? Well, we’ve got good news for you. You may think that because you’re not a painter or a poet that you’re brain just isn’t hard-wired for the creative stuff but you thought wrong! Follow these eight tips and you’ll be on your way to harnessing your most creative self.


You knew this one was coming. Sitting somewhere quiet and allowing your mind to wander (or not, depending on your meditative status) sounds just like our cup of tea.
Daily meditation increases focus, clarity of the mind, and insight. This makes it the perfect tool to help you hone in on your creative spirit.

Rethink Labels

Now this one is an interesting one, and we think it probably takes a little bit of practise. What it means: you need to think of an object and dissect it co
mpletely. Say you’re  thinking of a book, condense it down to being a cover, pages, words, so on and so forth.
It’s called the “generic-parts technique” and those trained in this method have much higher success with creative potential than those who do not use it so, get re-labelling.

Free Think


Just sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and let all of your thoughts free-flow onto the page before you. It doesn’t matter if what you’re writing seems silly or is even a doodle, just let your mind wander and do it’s thing.
Our minds are more creative when daydreaming so get to it!

Sit in a Cafe


This list is kind of a winner so far, it involves a lot of nice activities and being encouraged to sit in a cafe is no exception.
When you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle, you need to use your brain in a more focussed way, meaning you’re in fact using it more and efficiently at that. Plus, the people watching is not a bad source of creativity, either.

Use Your Hands


We don’t really notice our hands so much, especially how we communicate with our hands but they’re an excellent tool for expression.

Using your hands also means you’re producing something and thus stimulating lost of different senses. This, apparently is great for creativity.

Get Outside


Nature, hey. It’s easy to neglect your surroundings, especially when you are consumed by the hustle and bustle of working life.
Instead of oscillating between work and netflix, try getting out a little more and we don’t mean to your local bar, we’re talking about the great outdoors here! It’ll fuel your creative self plus it’s pretty relaxing, which helps too.

So, here we are. Most of the list involves just sitting somewhere and thinking which is bloody brilliant. Tapping into your creative mind never looked this easy, we bet.