How To Plan For a Ketogenic Diet

Apr 9, 2019

How To Plan For a Ketogenic Diet

What is Keto?

You may have been online and bumped into The Ketogenic Diet or “Keto”. This diet craze has helped many people lose stubborn fat and reach their peak mental and physical performance. But what is the keto diet, how does it work and how can you make the most of your keto journey?

The Keto diet is a high-fat content diet. The diet encourages your body to switch from a glucose-based fuel system to a ketone-based fuel system which means your body runs on fat for energy instead of sugar.

Tip One: Create a Meal Plan

When planning your meals you may want to make a detailed list of which foods you enjoy and which foods you don’t enjoy. This will be beneficial in creating a meal plan that will sustain you.

When following a Keto based diet you will need to ensure your carbohydrate intake is less than 30g per day. This will ensure your body continues to process fats as the main source of energy.

Read the labels of any packaging you buy from the supermarket to ensure the food you’re buying contains suitable carbohydrate content.

Switch it up and try new things. Keto is a great excuse to go out of your comfort zone and find new favourites. This could mean eating foods that you wouldn’t normally try eg: Mussels, Oysters and other fresh seafood.

Treat yourself. The keto diet is great because it allows you to eat the foods you want without packing on pounds of unwanted fat. As long as your carb intake is low you can feel free to treat yourself to as much of your favourite keto-friendly foods as possible.

Tip Two: Healthy Snacking

Snacking on Keto can be difficult because so many of our favourite snack foods can have a high sugar or carbohydrate content. It is important when doing the Keto diet to avoid foods with too much sugar or carbohydrates because these foods will take your body out of the ketogenic state.

Our cookies can fit into the keto diet because of their ultra-low net carbs (2.3g-2.7g per 64g cookie) and no added sugar properties (less than 1g per 64g cookies). With this easy freshly baked cookie you can prep in minutes for your Keto-diet!

High-Protein snacks are great because they fill you up fast and give you a sustained energy boost without making you fat. Justine’s Cookies are packed with up to 18.9g of Protein per cookie, making them the perfect keto companion.

Low-Carb. For those of us who love sweets, keto doesn’t allow for much sugar at all. Fortunately, Justine’s Cookies are low-carb but still bursting with flavour.

Tip Three: Checking You Are In Ketosis

Keeping track of the food you eat is one great way to ensure you stay in Ketosis. But how do you know you’ve entered Ketosis, to begin with? Keto Strips are a great way of tracking your progress because they tell you instantly whether you are in ketosis or not. Knowing if you are in ketosis or not can make or break your diet.

Enjoy the journey
The Keto diet is a fun and delicious way to lose weight, but like any diet, it can at times be frustrating. The most important tip to remember is to enjoy the journey. A watched pot never boils, and the same can be said for weight loss. Checking the scales every day can be detrimental to success and can prevent us from enjoying the moment. Be kind to yourself and remember that you are on the right track.

Happy Eating :)
-Justine’s Cookies