Justine's in Singapore!


So, Justine and the team are headed to Singapore to participate at the upcoming Vitafoods Asia.

Justine will be during the Keynote Panel Discussion on "The war on diabetes: Hunting for preventative solutions to Asia’s obesity crisis".

The panel is being chaired by Dr Jörg Hager, Head of Nutrition and Metabolic Health Unit - Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA Switzerland. Justine, along with Bruno Kistner, Policy Director, Food Industry Asia (FIA), Secretariat - Asia Roundtable on Food Innovation for Improved Nutrition (ARoFIIN) Singapore and Prof Rob M. van Dam, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore, Co-Editorial Director - the Asian Diabetes Prevention Initiative (ADPI) Singapore form a dream team to discuss the issues that are staring us in our face today.

With a global increase in the prevalence of obesity, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, nutrition continues to play a key role in its prevention; opening up a breadth of opportunities within the functional nutrition and nutraceutical market.  

With rising costs in healthcare worldwide, finding sustainable solutions for the prevention of non-communicable diseases is becoming a main priority for governments around the world, creating a unique opportunity for the functional nutrition industry to step in as global solution providers.  

This panel discussion will provide an understanding of the weight management supplement/product market in Asia as well as reviewing strong case studies of industry/government collaborations.

So, if you are in Singapore and want to get some free cookies, head over to our booth (b26) at Marina bay Sands between 5th and 6th September.