Sep 4, 2022

Do you love Carrot Cake but hate the sugar, carbs & calories that come with it.  Maybe you are gluten intolerant. Well, our lovely Adele has crafted a low-carb Keto Carrot Cake using our Keto Fruit Cake mix,  so you can have your cake & eat it too.  Here is the recipe!  Only a few ingredients are needed. 



keto carrot cake

low carb carrot cake recipe

What you Need 

1 pack of Justine  Keto Fruit Cake Mix 

Sub dried fruit for 100g of grated carrot

Follow instructions as directed on  Keto Fruit Cake Mix.

I made 4 x 4 inch cakes (173g mix per tin)


Keto Low Carb Cream Cheese Icing

2 blocks of Philadelphia cream cheese

1/2 cup Justine's Erythritol,  powdered  in blender 

1T vanilla extract 

Method for Keto Low Carb Cream Cheese Icing

Whip until smooth and creamy. 


Assemble as one tall baby cake with 4 tiers or 2 short with 2 tiers. Top with dried fruit + nuts and a drizzle of your fav sugar free maple. 


Enjoy x

Thanks again,