Sep 4, 2022

Our lovely Lynne had a craving for low-carb wheat & gluten free  keto cheese scones. She took a packet of our Justine's  Keto Scone Mix & made a twist on it to create a super low-carb cheesy scone that will delight your taste buds! 


1 Packet Justine's Keto Scone Mix

30g cold butter cut into small pieces

50g almond flour
1tbsp baking powder
50g mozzarella cheese
Red onion
1/4 C diet soda water or lemonade (estimated)
Add extra almond flour and BP to  Justine's Keto Scone Mix  and mix through.
Rub the butter into the mix with your fingers until it's lumpy, then start flattening the dough with the palms of your hand. This can help scones have flaking layers. Once the butter has been rubbed add cheese and onion. Mix thru then add the liquid and mix until just mixed thru.
Important; now put onto a floured board and make a rectangle, fold each end into the middle, and repeat again. 
Now make sure the dough is at least 1' high. Cut into sizes you want and optional grate cheese on top. 
Cook as per packet noting you may need to cook a little longer.