Aug 7, 2022

Using our Keto Victoria Sponge Cake Mix, Tara Created these keto ultra low carb donuts using our versatile low cake sponge cake mix.

Here is what she did!

 Keto Donuts


What  You will need :

1 Pouch of Justine's Keto Victoria sponge Cake mix

Follow the instructions on the packet 

Spray with oil a  silicone  donut tin  & fill  mix into 15 donut molds.

Now bake for 30 mins  at 180 degrees  or till golden brown.

Cool in tin. Remove &  ice with the following low carb keto chocolate  icing. 

Keto Icing 
Melt  separately Justine's  Keto Dark Chocolate  Chips & Keto White Chocolate Chips.  Add in 1 tsp of coconut oil  in each. 
Dunk the top part  of  cooled Keto low carb  donuts in the chocolate to cover the top surface. 
Sprinkle with Justine's Keto Protein Cookie crumbs & leave to set