Jul 29, 2022

No bake, low-carb snacking made easy.  With Justine's Keto & low carb Chocolate &  Low carb Cookie crumbs, you can have  instant low-carb snacks  & keto snacks made in a flash for guilt-free indulgence! 


keto cookie cups

Makes 9-12 pieces, please read tips/notes at the end.

What  You will Need 

Wet Ingredients:

30 mls Coconut milk

60g Justine’s Keto dark chocolate chips


Dry Ingredients:

100g Justine’s Keto Protein  Choc Chip Protein Cookie Crumbs

1T Justine’s Keto Erythritol

50g mixed chopped nuts (I used almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil, pistachio nuts)

3T freeze dried raspberries(or other flavour)

1/2 T coconut thread

½ T sesame seeds

1T pumpkins seeds



Wet Ingredients:

Warm milk. Melt Justine's Keto Dark chocolate. Whisk together until combined. Set aside.


Dry Ingredients: 

Combine dry ingredients and then combine with wet ingredient mix. Pop into silicone mini cupcake molds and press. Pop into fridge to set.



Dip in melted Justine's Keto Dark Chocolate, and garnish with freeze dried raspberry powder. Set in fridge.



Best stored in fridge, but also freeze well. This mix can also be made into a slice, bars, balls or in your cereal/porridge.  They are still absolutely delicious without the topping! Justine’s keto low carb white chocolate may also be used if you prefer. Also if you are not keen on raspberries use another freeze dried fruit powder.  


Recipe created by Felicity Durney @sweetnsavouryketo