Keto Raspberry Choc Shell Overnight Porridge

Sep 15, 2022

Here's Our take on the TikTok famous Choc Shell oats - keto style. This Keto Raspberry Choc Shell Overnight Porridge is healthy, delicious, sugar free and packed full of protein! 

Crack the chocolate shell on top to unveil fresh berry jam and creamy keto porridge underneath! Made with our keto porridge mix with hints of coconut, bright berry jam and rich dark chocolate this recipe is bursting with flavour and texture to take your porridge to the next level!

This overnight keto porridge can be eaten as is, or prepared the night before for a quick breakfast on the go!  

keto choc shell berry oats

Keto Raspberry Choc Shell Overnight Porridge Ingredients

  • 1 Serving Justine's Keto Porridge Mix
  • 2-4 TBSP Chia or Sugar Free Jam
  • 2-3 TBSP Justine's Keto Dark Choc Baking Chips

Keto Raspberry Choc Shell Overnight Porridge Method

Prepare the porridge mix as per packet instructions but don't cook it. Instead, mix and pour into a glass jar.
Add a layer of berry jam onto the porridge spread as thick or thin as you'd like. 
Melt dark choc chips in the microwave then pour over the top of the jam and porridge. 
Screw the lid on and place in the fridge overnight or a few hours until the choc top has hardened and porridge mix has thickened.  
Unscrew your jar, tap with a spoon to break the choc shell and dig in!