Keto Rocky Road Recipe

Jun 7, 2022

Keto Rocky Road Recipe 

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You would have seen I love to make a Keto rocky road. I love to make different versions at Christmas time to gift to people.

So when @justinescookie sent me her cookie crumbs to try I thought I wonder if this would work in rocky road & sure enough it did.

It’s hard to come up with a recipe as I’m not some one who measures very often unless I am following a recipe.

For this I used jelly chunks using the @elle_herself recipe sugar free Aeroplane jelly . Make the jelly chunks 1st
Use one sachet / half cup of boiling water / 2 tsp gelatine powder & set

Melt Justine's keto White Chocolate  with tsp of coconut oil (I used approx 150g for the bottom layer)
Add slivered almonds or any nut of your choice
Add Sugar free marshmallows
Your jelly chunks
1/2 cup Justine's Keto Choc Chip Protein Cookie Crumbs 
Then another 150g of Justine's Keto White Chocolate  on top melted with a tsp of coconut oil

I used freeze dried raspberries for the garnish