On-the-go Breakfast options to save your health and your finances.

Aug 28, 2018

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can be a very important decision to make, however, we do not always have the time to give this meal so much attention. This is usually the meal that is rushed and forgotten. It is too easy to stop at the closest convenience store and grab a muffin or something we can eat on-the-go. Well, we have looked after breakfast for you, it is easy, fast, delicious, on-the-go, and a budget breakfast that will look after your health and give you more time to spend time with your kids or just to get to work more relaxed!

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin:

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin: Protein

Justine's cookies have 18.8g of protein per serving of a 64g cookie and the convenience muffin has 6.1g per 150g serving. Justine’s Protein cookie will sustain you for longer keeping you satisfied for longer.

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin: Carbohydrates

Carbs have a negative effect on your blood sugar, high carb products can spike your blood sugar which in return will make you feel tired or it can even give you a headache. It also has bad long-term her health effects like diabetes. Justine’s Protein cookies have ultra-low (1.9g) Carbohydrates per serving and a convenience muffin has 54.9g of carbs per serving. This is a no-brainer.

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin: Sugars

Most of us by now know that too much sugar is a bad thing. Too much sugar can make you feel tired, increase your risk to heart disease, give you a bad skin and you can gain weight. Justine’s Protein Cookies has less than 1g of sugar per cookie where the convenience muffin has 30.7g of sugar per serving. This is also an obvious healthier breakfast choice.

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin: Sodium

According to the American heart foundation, a healthy limit per day on sodium is 1500mg. If you choose to eat the convenience muffin you have already taken 1/3 of your daily limit. Too much sodium can cause heart disease.

Justine’s Cookies vs Convenience Muffin: Cost

Justine’s Protein Cookies are sold at most convenience stores for $3.99 per cookie where a convenience muffin sells for $5.50-$7.00 per muffin. You can save $549.64 - $600.00 per year if you choose the healthier Justine’s Protein Cookie muffin.

Justine’s cookies is a great on-the-go snack, your body and your taste buds will love you, your budget will adore you and your family will have more time with you! Breakfast is now the easiest meal of your day and you will be doing it the healthy way! Grab a few boxes of Justine’s Cookies for your car and office and you never have to think about breakfast again.