Quick Keto Mini Pizza

Jun 21, 2023

Craving pizza on keto?  With our Quick Keto Mini Pizza recipe, you can enjoy a low-carb, delicious pizza experience in a pinch. Using Justine's Keto Bread Roll Mix, you'll create a dough that's perfect for mini pizzas in a rush. Roll it out, load it up with your favorite toppings, and pop it in the oven. Indulge in a satisfying pizza treat without compromising your keto lifestyle.


Quick keto mini pizza

Ingredients for Quick Keto Mini Pizza

  • 1/3 Cup Justine's Keto Bread Roll Mix
  • 3 tbsp greek yogurt (or more if needed depending on the thickness of your yogurt)
  • 1 pinch baking soda
  • toppings of your choice

Method for Quick Keto Mini Pizza

  1. combine the Justine's Keto Bread Mix with greek yogurt and baking soda to form a dough (add more greek yogurt to reach a dough consistency if needed) 
  2. roll out the dough on a baking paper lined baking tray to a circular pizza shape
  3. add your favourite pizza toppings and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees until cooked.