6 Christmas songs that'll make you sweat festive spirit

Dec 7, 2016

Christmas music doesn’t have to be limited to lacklustre shopping experiences or awkward parcel openings under the tree. 

Leave, breathe and most importantly sweat Christmas spirit with these workout tracks.

Last Christmas- Wham

Nothing embodies the Christmas fuzzies like this wham classic, despite it’s somewhat heart-wrenching message. Get rugged up with the crew and enjoy whilst skiing in a remote part of the world or add to your boxing playlist as you envisage the face of an ex who gave your heart away at any point. We do not need to isolate this aspect to Christmas as reminders of a psychopathic ex is excellent fuel to your workout fire.

Destinys Child - 8 Days of Christmas

If Beyonce cannot stir the inner fitness guru in you then we don’t know what will. In this rendition of the classic 12 Days of Christmas, the 90’s trio is at it again- pumping seasonal spirit into even the most harrowed of Christmas sceptics. Get down on the treadmill to this remastered classic but watch your sass levels for fear of frightening other gym-goers. If the treadmill isn’t your thing then we strongly encourage a rigorous squat workout or even a self-choreographed dance routine, whether you choose to do this in public or alone this is up to you but we have to caution that sass disclaimer mentioned prior as you may cause those around you to perspire uncontrollably at your imminent hotness.

Christmas in Hollis- Run DMC

Despite the generic ‘get money’ attitude of most rappers, the ‘it’s tricky’ boys have honed the true nature of Christmas Spirit in this tune. It mentions the best elements of the season- food, the yuletide log and dogs dressed as reindeer. This comedic take on the festive season encourages long swagger-licious walks about your hood accompanied by hard-to-suppress smiles. Hopefully you’ll be as lucrative as these lads and you’ll stumble upon copious amounts of dough from our old pal Saint Nick too.

Twisted Sister- I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

This one’s for all you tin-throwing, iron-pumping weights fiends out there.
Get psyched to this heavy metal rendition of the classic by Jimmy Boyd. This, of all the songs featured, is the one your pores can unashamedly sweat buckets of nutmeg-scented perspiration to.

Beware of entering hulk mode while getting down to this though, your greenish tinge might confuse others into mistaking you for the grinch. Play your cards right and your heavily flushed cheeks make the perfect Christmas accessory.

Fetty Wap ft. Monty- Merry Xmas

If you thought that you couldn’t be a trap queen at Christmas, you were wrong. This dizzy track is a  loose take on the ‘all I want for Christmas’ classic and we know which one we would rather be blasting. Fetty spends the entirety of the song crooning to his girl that she can have all her heart desires. Despite the fact that Fetty sounds like he has indulged in the eggnog a little too unabashedly it makes for a welcome change to the generic Christmas tracks. You can slip this one into any workout playlist, especially if you’re someone who dislikes the festive follies as it’s not overtly Christmas-y. In fact, you can barely understand what Fetty is saying so just ride the beat and sweat your little heart out.

N*SYNC - Merry Christmas, Happy holidays

It seems that every iconic pop group of the early 2000’s has released a Christmas track at some point in their careers, N*sync is no exception to this. It does not get more cliched that this tune, it is boy band at it’s finest and we love it. The noodle-haired Justin Timberlake fronts nearly the entire song and would we have it any other way?
We recommend accompanying a stretching session with the video clip, which is a wintry feast of oversized Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and stockings.

So there it is, one festive sweat session ready to be blasted through your speakers - we've even prepared the beats for you below. And afterwards - why not enjoy a sweet treat

You've deserved it, that's for sure.