Sneaker Inspo For Your Next Workout

Apr 6, 2017
Sometimes the thought of working out can be a little ho-hum. In our opinion, there’s no better motivation than having some super sick gym gear that makes you look and feel fabulous. We’ve compiled a short list of sneakers for each and every workout style, for your inspiration.

Air Nike Max 2017

Now these are super cute, we really want a pair of these. Seen on the likes of Kayla Itsines, you know they’re good. They come in an array of colours but we are fans of the white for sure.

These are great for outside activity due to their waffle outsole and midsole flex grooves, making them flexible and durable along with their reflective details. You can, however, rock them in the gym too.

We think they’re best suited to something like the treadmill or a crossfit class if you’re going to swing that way though.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Well, aren’t these snazzy? You won’t procrastinate going out in these bad boys because they look pretty darn cool. We think these sneakers by Nike are all-rounders, suited for running in the park or workouts in the gym.

Their rubber sole is super durable and sticky, meaning you won’t lose traction, wherever you are.

They also have those flex grooves everyone is talking about so that you’re comfortable and your foot and is supported. Also, they look great.

Try Kickboxing: PUMA Pulse XT

Now these are for all you kickboxing freaks out there. These come in a variety of colours if you want something a little more chill but we think the bright colours are really
something. These have those big soles, making you springy on your feet and excellent in the ring.

They also have something called Ariaprene Bootie Constructs in them. Not sure what this means? We didn’t either. According to this means “Ariaprene synthetic rubber is designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control”, which sounds pretty good to us.

Lift Heavier Weights: Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus

Do you even lift? We hope so. These sneakers by Puma look much more hard out that the rest of the sneakers we’ve got on offer and we guess, in a way, they are. These too, come in a variety of colours but we think the orange ones would make you look like a superhero.

These have an anti-friction lining and heat-activated U-technology, helping you keep cool and comfortable in the sweatiest of conditions. They look super awesome and supportive, perfect for lifting and crossfit.

So, there you have it. There’s our list. We aren’t experts on the shoes or anything, this is just an inspirational guide for your viewing pleasure. We’ve tried to include a range of shoes for any condition but please let us know if you have a pair of sneakers that you absolutely adore. We’d love to hear about them!