Spring Cleaning your eating Habits and your pantry.

Sep 25, 2018

This is a perfect time of the year to clean up those nasty habits you picked up during the winter. This goes hand in hand with cleaning out the pantry and getting rid of sugary snacks and replacing it with healthy and good products to keep get your body into summer shape!

Here are 5 spring cleaning tips:

1. Plan your healthy spring meals!

It is important to know what you are able to eat and what is healthy for your new Spring eating habits. When you know what you can eat it will be much easier to clean your pantry and fridge with food that does not fit into your new lifestyle and also what foods to replace it with to make healthier choices. There are so many eating plans and lifestyles out there to choose from, it is up to your personal preference…

2. Be generous!

Clean the pantry, there is no need to chuck the perfectly good food or ingredients in the bin. Give it away! There is nothing better than to give, and it will make the cleaning of the pantry so much easier, knowing your favorite treats and snacks are not going to waist! NO, you cannot keep any treats or ingredients that you know will just tempt you. You have to get rid of the easy snacks and temptations that are filled with nasty sugars and ingredients. Don’t worry we are not taking away the guilty pleasures, we will get there…

3. Stock with your favorite foods!

Yup, I said to stock up with your favorite foods! Nope, this does not mean you can just fill it back with sugary and unhealthy ingredients. Do some research on your next grocery store visit, check out what great products they have that will be a healthy alternative to your favorite snacks and meals. Justine’s Cookies is one of those great products you can add for an on-the-go meal or for those sweet cravings so that you can indulge guilt-free. There is no need that your pantry needs to be sad or without treats. Just make the healthier choice.

4. Spice up your life!

The spice aisle is one of the most important isles in your grocery store, this is where you will get incredible spices and tastes to create innovative tasty meals. It is extremely important to create recipes constantly so that you will not get bored with your new eating lifestyle. If you are not good with combining spices and flavors in your recipes, there are many on the internet that you can use and try out. Be adventurous.

5. Keep it organized

You have a great start, the challenge will be to keep it this way. Spring has some extra motivational power that usually keeps us going for about 2 weeks. After these two weeks, we need to make it easier for ourselves to maintain the healthy eating. Keeping your pantry organized and stocked with the healthier products and ingredients will make it easy for you to keep on making the healthy choices.


This is much more sustainable and you will find that this eating plan will become a lifestyle instead of a diet or another failed attempt. Justine’s Cookies were created to satisfy your cravings guilt-free and to help you become healthier without giving up your favorite snacks. The 64g cookie is also a great on-the-go meal if you have a busy schedule with no time to prep your meals in advance. Fill your pantry this spring with this healthy treat today, with our great Spring SALE!!!!