Top 7 2019 Fitness trends you should know!

Mar 28, 2019

Hitting a gym three times a week and keeping a check on your eating habits seems like an easy task? Isn’t? But it's hard to stick to, especially when getting up from bed in the morning seems like a struggle for us. Keeping yourself fit is something which every individual desire of but with time the ways to achieve fitness has evolved a lot. We have listed together 7 fitness trends of 2019 you can look forward to, to keep yourself fit and energetic with Justine’s Cookies.

Take that sweat out in HIIT sessions!

Myriad fitness studios are running High-Intensity Interval Training sessions. These classes will be trending more this year. Why? Because HIIT classes tend to burn most calories and cut fat. These high-intensity workouts with short rest intervals in between require a lot of energy. One HIIT session can push your heart rate to 90% maximum.

Make sure that you eat a high protein diet while you are on the go with your HIIT sessions. Justine’s Protein cookie containing 18.9gm of protein per 64gm cookie can be your savior during your HIIT sessions.

Fitness influencer with Justine's Cookies


Livestream workouts from home is a thing!

Exercising from home using a live stream will be a hot trend this year. Many people are already building a gym at home, which doesn’t require a lot of space. Youtube workouts is already a trend but people are switching more towards live stream videos. Why? Because people are more likely to stick to a routine when they are financially accountable for it. Though free youtube videos are tempting but financial commitment will make you more accountable for your workouts!

Make sure you power yourself up with Justine’s cookies before you go into that intensive workout.

livestream exercise

Motivate yourself with Wearable Technology:

Technology is booming and so is our lifestyle. Though wearable technologies like fitness trackers and smartwatches are in trend since a couple of years now, in 2019 more people will be tempted to use these devices. These devices are helping people to track all their day to day activities from the calorie burnt in a day to the number of steps a person took and also keep a track of the hours of sleep you took. These devices are doing great work to motivate people to do more after an intense workout session.

wearable watch

Yoga- The journey of self!

Originated in India and taking over the world! Most of the fitness studios today offer yoga classes. For powerful mornings to relax your mind after work, yoga is helping people. Yoga comes in many forms from power yoga to hot yoga, hatha yoga to Ashtanga yoga and many more.

Not only it helps you keeping your stress levels down but also helps you in regulating your sleep cycle. A study has shown that yoga helps you produce more endorphins in your body. So next time you think about whether to join a yoga class or not. You know the right decision!

Make sure that you eat something to energize yourself half an hour before yoga sessions. Justine’s protein cookies could be an ideal snack for that lasting energy!



Group Exercise is great fun!

Working out in a group with upbeat music playing in the background is something people are more inclined towards in 2019. It not only increases your enthusiasm but will also help you to stick to your workout routine as its great fun. Group fitness classes help you burn fat with fun, but requires a lot of energy. But you don’t need to worry about your energy requirements with Justine’s Cookies. It will power you enough for your workouts.

Studies have confirmed that group fitness classes are great for your mental, emotional and physical well being than solo workouts. So next time you are confused about whether to join that Zumba class or not? Give it a go!

group workout


Workouts will become shorter!

Stuck between a busy life, people are more inclined towards shorter workouts which are 45 minutes or less. They are more likely to do high-intensity workouts for a shorter period of time instead of spending 2 hours at a gym. In Fact, shorter workouts tend to be as effective as longer workouts. So don’t feel bad next time when you are not able to take out much time for your workouts. Being consistent is the key!



Recovery will be the key!

A great workout comes after a great recovery. People have started realizing the importance of recovery after a high-intensity workout. In 2019, people will be more inclined towards opting for massages and compression sessions for that quick and relaxing recovery after a long workout. Not only this, people have started realizing the importance of a complete sleep, high protein diet and rest day post workout sessions. Meditation also helps in reducing stress on your muscles and brings your body back to baseline after an intensive workout. You can definitely meet your protein requirements for the day with Justine’s Cookies!


These are the top fitness trends of 2019 we believe people will be adapting to keep their fitness to the top notch. If you think there is more to it that helps you motivated to stick to your fitness goals, let us know in the comments below!