What to Expect When You Quit Sugar

Mar 16, 2017


We know, sugary foods taste great. Like a bad ex, sugar is always popping up where it isn’t wanted, and somehow you can’t escape it. Maybe it makes you feel bad about yourself, and you have unexplained headaches but you just can’t seem to shake it? Well, we have the blog for you, my friends! Read on to discover the myriad of benefits one should expect from a sugar-free existence.


Slows Ageing Process

Who would have thought? If you want to tap into the fountain of youth then quitting sugar is the way to do it. Sugar is inflammatory and it induces a process called glycation, meaning that sugar attaches itself to collagen and elastins in your skin and breaks them down. Everyone knows that collagen is what keeps your skin bouncy and youthful so you do the math.

Rosacea sufferers will know that sugar can sometimes be the mastermind behind any flare ups they experience so know to be mindful of it. Additionally, acne can be caused by inflammation so if any pesky zits pop up where they don't usually, try laying off the sugar for a while.


Better Dental Health

This one’s pretty obvious, your teeth pay the price for your sugar addiction. Any regular dentist goer knows that sugar can cost you a lot of money if not monitored properly.

Did you know that no amount of brushing can get rid of the plaque buildup that comes with eating too much sugar? Well, maybe if your brushed for a reeeeealllly long time but, it's a quick mover, that sugar. So, maybe stop at a handful of candy as opposed to the whole bag.


You Might Have to Pick Your Fruit

We know, fruit is good for you, it has a lot of the things that people need to be healthy. But, when quitting the sweet stuff it’s important to be mindful of anything that contains any form of sugar.

This includes carbohydrates, too. You’re going to have to opt for foods like berries instead of apples and whole grains instead of starches like chips and pasta.

With time, you should be able to gradually add natural sugars back into your diet, although some people choose not to. 


Weight Loss

We’re not encouraging anyone to lose weight here. The Justine’s crew thinks everyone is perfect just the way they are but, if weight loss is something you’re after then cutting sugar is a good way to achieve it.

Studies have shown that  excessive and long term consumption of sugar spikes insulin levels which increases fat storage. This means that you’re likely to shed a lot of weight from your abdominal region. Six pack here you come, and we’re not talking about beer.

Your Life Will Suck (For a While at Least)

We are not for one second going to pretend that quitting sugar is not difficult because it is. When you cut it out you do realise just how much sugar there is in everything which obviously makes eating hard. This often means you need to sink more time into preparing your own meals so you know exactly what is going in them.

Not only this, depending on your current sugar intake you are going to experience sugar withdrawals. There’s almost no way around this and apparently they are horrible. Some have likened it to having the flu AND, it usually lasts between 1-3 weeks for your body to purge all that sweet stuff.

So, what’s it gonna be? To sugar or not to sugar? That is the question. If you’re brave and strong willed enough, absolutely give it a go and please do let us know how you fear. Also, good luck!