Why be on a diet when you can eat Justine’s Protein Cookies?

Nov 28, 2018

This time of the year, when you start planning your holiday we look forward to the much-needed beach days and the gatherings with your family and friends. This also means getting into that dress or bikini you hid in the back of your mind for the past 11 months. You cannot help but start to think of your new year’s resolutions that you have not achieved in 2018, whether it is to drop a dress size or to climb Mount Everest. The fear suddenly dawns upon you and you try to do whatever you can with the little time you have left. You go on fad diets, hurt yourself on the hardest training program to make the best of the time you have left.


Justine's Protein Cookie Diet

Relax, ditch the fad diet! Eat Justine’s Protein Cookies.

When you starve your body and deprive yourself of delicious snacks it is just a matter of time before you get yourself back to your old lifestyle again. Justine’s Cookies strongly endorse guilt-free indulgence which means to replace your normal eating habits with sustainable and healthy alternatives, like to start eating a breakfast (a Justine’s Protein Cookie) that will last you for longer and supporting your body in this process. Before you know it you will drop the dress size you tried to achieve for such a long time, and suddenly it becomes easy and extremely delicious.

Healthy Breakfast option - Justine's Protein Cookies

Would you believe that you can eat Justine’s Cookies and lose weight? Let’s tell you why…

It seems too good to be true, that you can eat cookies and still lose those extra pounds you have been struggling with for years. It sounds contradicting to everything you have read or tried before. Here is why, Justine’s Protein Cookies are high in protein, they have between 15g-18.9g of protein per 64g cookie. The protein keeps you satisfied for longer, this will keep the unhealthy snacks or cheat breakouts away. You will never feel deprived because these cookies are delicious, almost like you are cheating and they keep the hunger away, double score!

Pre workout snack


Justine’s Protein Cookies will keep you powered for longer…

Most crash diets make you feel exhausted. You are left with no energy to exercise or even to think straight because your body needs fuel to run on. To lose weight healthily you need to stay active or even just go for a brisk walk for 20-30 min a day, it keeps your metabolism going, your muscles healthy and your mind on track. Exercise is vital for your health but not possible when you don’t have the fuel that your body needs. Justine’s Protein Cookies powers your throughout your day with the high protein content that fuels your muscles and enables you to get to the much-needed walk that will clear your mind and assist your body to metabolize your nutrients effectively.


Protein Breakfast

The key to losing weight is doing it sustainably, there are no crash diets that will keep you from getting to this point of the year, where you feel that you haven’t reached your goals and there is no more time left. Eat cookies, exercise more and keep the weight off forever. You cannot take away the pleasures in life you can just approach them in a healthier way, Justine’s Cookies are here to help you indulge in this lifestyle guilt-free.