5 of the Best High Protein Snacks!

May 12, 2021

For most of us, snacks are an important part of our diets, they keep our energy up after a workout or between meals and can even keep you from overeating. However, most options on the market have a high fat and sugar count which is shown to leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, leading to overeating! Certain snacks can help improve the quality of your diet and studies show that foods with a high protein count compared to those with a high fat count can improve appetite control and satiety in healthy adults making high protein snacks a great option.

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt, the side of many low fat recipes; this humble foodstuff is fantastically high in protein and a great snack option. A study by the University of Missouri showed that compared to other high fat and high sugar snacks like chocolate and crackers, Greek Yogurt performed far better at reducing hunger for longer. When added to easy to prepare smoothies or eaten with a side of fruit, Greek Yogurt makes a great snack option.

2. Chickpeas

A study exploring the beneficial properties of chickpea foods when compared to white bread, showed chickpeas with a positive association with energy intake and supressing hunger.  Many types of roasted chickpea snacks exist on the market and with both premade and homemade hummus easy to get, chickpeas make an easy, tasty, affordable, and vegan snack to have on the go.

3. Eggs

While eggs may not be one of the easiest snack foods to get on this list, they make up for it in their exceptionally high protein content. The amount of evidence that shows just how effective eggs are at satiating hunger is extensive.  Have them hardboiled, in pastry cup, breakfast burrito or as a savoury muffin; with a little extra preparation eggs can make a delicious and worthwhile snack!

4. Cottage cheese

An underrated dairy product often overshadowed by other more glamourous dairy products like cream cheese and sour cream, cottage cheese’s high protein content makes it surprisingly good at satiating hunger. A study from France tested low-fat cottage cheese against eggs and found them very similar in terms of satiation and hunger suppression. Cottage cheese can make a delectable snack with a side of fruit, nut butter or honey.

5. Justine’s Cookies

Justine’s Snack Cookies high protein content make a great snacking option due to the Core Range of Cookies and Brownies use of Calcium Caseinate as added protein. Calcium Caseinate is a slow releasing protein and is shown to make a good option for long term satiation. Justine’s high quality healthy ingredients make this a guilt-free, easy and delicious snack that works well with an active lifestyle.

Justine's Cookies Top Protein Snack