How I lost weight eating Justine's Cookies!

Aug 17, 2021
Getting in shape is HARD.

When you get to that stage where you know you have to try and reduce your fat content, build a little muscle or even just feel healthier, something needs to change. Invariably, the overwhelming factor in the getting in shape equation comes down to what we fuel our bodies with; our nutrition.

Weighing 119 kilograms at 188 centimetres tall (6’2ish in the old language) I was squarely sitting in the ‘obese’ category and in need of change. I knew this; my family knew this and my reflection reminded me the baggy clothes weren’t hiding anything.

My initial stage of weight loss was from counting calories – just eating better through a food diary. Before long I knew I had to find something that suited my lifestyle and foods I liked - a mind-shift that involved telling myself I’m fasting certain foods and consuming others.

Enter Justine and her fantastic cookies..!

Most of my diet is natural foods, low-carb, high fats, relaxing into this after initially being on a very strict keto regime. Foods that come in a packet generally don’t fit the bill, however taking the opportunity to have a Justine’s cookie with a coffee in the afternoon or following a workout does. And they’re such a great treat!

Experts often say we need cheat meals or treats and Justine’s cookies are the best of both worlds, in that they are a treat and yet fit within my food choices. They certainly help for a nice protein boost without the massive sugar load or high carbohydrate content.

I’m a massive fan and it’s fair to say my local supermarket knows this! I’m now buying them on-line so I can get them delivered. At home I now have my own designated ‘Dad Tupperware’ container to prove it too!

If you’re looking at making a change, implementing a new eating plan, or just want something nice to eat, I definitely recommend them. The bulk of diets or your own individual lifestyle change can and should include Justine’s cookies.

Take it from me – I’m now 77 kilograms, with a total loss of 42 kilograms.

And I eat Justine’s cookies!