4 gift ideas to get your annoying gym friend (or family member)

Dec 15, 2016


Got yourself an annoying gym freak of a friend who you happen to love dearly? Don’t lie, we all do. Want to shower them in Christmas gifts post their workout shower? We bet!

Well, then this list is for you, so you don’t have to sweat it knowing your bestie is suffering in the gym.

The Fitbit:

Something of a holy grail among fitness fanatics, this little puppy does it all; the Fitbit tracks your activity, weight, exercise, sleep, and also what you eat. Through tracking all of these somewhat menial activities (your gym friend probably doesn’t think they’re menial but, whatever) it ensures that you stay on track with your objectives while being reminded not to sweat the small stuff. Also, did we mention that this is a watch? It’s a really smart watch that does the job of five different things at once! I know, it sounds like magic to us too.


Want to make your besties workout fun? Boy-oh-boy do we have the tool for you. Basically, the idea is that you roll these dice and each face has a different combination of variables so your friend has an ever-changing workout schedule. This really puts your mates GPP to the test as it’s designed to see how your body copes with these unpredictable elements and adds a little danger to their day. According to the rogue fitness website there are “over 2 million possible WOD combinations” that can be made through throwing these dice so your buddy will never get bored!

Body Back Buddy Self Massager Tool

Now, this bad boy might be our favourite gift of them all. Who doesn’t like massages, right? We must admit, this one is going to make for a fairly odd shaped parcel and your token older male of the family might have a thing or two to say about it, but hopefully your bestie’s in good company when shedding this sucker from it’s wrappings. As the name of the product very lengthily states, it’s a self massager for your body and back, buddy. This is the perfect gift for anyone, especially your pesky gym friend. Allow them to treat themselves to a massage after a long day pumping iron, and best of all they don’t have to ask anyone (who may or may not apply too much pressure) for a massage which leaves them in crippling agony the next day. We’ve all been there, not pointing fingers though.

Justine’s Cookies: Christmas Deal Pack

It would be a crime not to include Justine’s cookies as a gift for your friend and you don’t want to be put in friends jail, there’s no Netflix there. Treat them to our special Christmas Deal pack! This entails x4 boxes of minis (one of each flavour) and 1 box of our 55g Double Chocolate Dream Brownie at a super sweet $60. After a long day of workouts determined by dice, activity logged on their

After a long day of workouts determined by dice, activity logged on their fitbit, and a heavenly self orchestrated massage your best bud deserves a sweet treat. What would Christmas be without a little indulgence, right? However, it’s not going to offset their goals because protein, duh.