Four Ways to Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

Jan 10, 2017



"New Year, New me": It's a phrase we've all heard our fair share of, and it's almost inescapable at this time of the year. New Years resolutions - you either love 'em or you hate 'em but follow our four tips and you just might have a chance at sticking to them!



Keep it Realistic:

The world is your oyster but instead of aiming for the ocean, maybe stick to your local beach, hey. Don't bite off more than you can chew, especially if you're goal is weight orientated (like what we did there?). Making outlandish goals will set you up for failure. You might not achieve your lifelong dream of travelling to the moon, or becoming as famous as the Kardashian clan but that's no need to give up on resolutions entirely.

Stick to something simple, like drinking more water or growing a magnificent pot of basil. By completing simple and small tasks you are still bettering yourself, you're learning new things and growing everyday and that's nothing to scoff at. If you set an unrealistic goal like losing 20 lbs in two weeks, you'll end up resenting yourself and nobody's got time for that.

So, keep it simple stupid, you'll thank yourself for it in the long run.



Tell People:

So, you have a resolution but it's kind of personal and you don't feel like sharing? Who cares! Spread the word. Shout it from the rooftops. Perhaps your New Years You is a vegan, through telling people they're going to hold you to it, and when you get the craving for that Double Quarter Pounder, they're going to be the first ones there to remind you why you wanted to go vegan in the first place. And lastly, if whoever you've told isn't supportive or takes a dig at you, let them. Maybe they're jealous and just want to be vegan too, they probably respect your drive nonetheless.




For some of us, a New Years resolution may orbit around stopping something, albeit; smoking, nail-biting, fast food or drinking (you go Glen Coco!).

The best way to stop something is to start something else that makes you feel as good or even better. So, instead of biting your nails, get a manicure, you'll feel much less inclined to gnaw away at your glittery fingertips knowing you paid good money for them to look like that. Instead of drinking, buy yourself a favourite non-alcoholic beverage and sip away knowing you won't pay for it tomorrow. Instead of smoking, go for a walk or call an old friend, it'll distract you long enough to snub cravings and and your serotonin will be sky high afterwards. Instead of fast food, treat yourself to your favourite healthy, home cooked meal and a nice glass of red. You'll start wondering whatever got you down to Mickey D's in the first place.

The list could go on but I think you guys get it. It's individual but just make sure the replacement is something that makes you feel a million bucks.




Celebrate your successes. So what if your goal was to lose five lbs this week and you only lost three? That's still really good so don't you let it get you down. At least you lost something and as long as it's not your sanity then we're happy.

Treat yourself too, we're thinking in the realms of a massage or a sweet Justine's cookie, not so much a sportscar. Although, if you got the dough for it then roll on! What's the point of achieving goals if they can't be rewarded? Arguably, achieving the goal should be enough but in this hedonistic, consumerist society we need something a little extra, right?


So, don't take New Years resolutions too seriously, at the end of the day it's just a fun way to start the year. While you're at it, out there enjoying yourself, snatch a Justine's cookie from the shelf: they're guilt-free so you won't have to worry about any compromising any resolution you may have.