We have a new Cookie.... The Clever Cookie™

Jan 23, 2018

We have launched our new cookie, the Clever cookie ™. We’ve called it our Clever Cookie™ because it’s the smarter choice, the healthier choice for your lunchbox snack, or teatime option, even a guilt-free midnight indulgence. The Clever Cookie ™ also provides a good option for our friends suffering from diabetes or sugar related illnesses, as it has no added sugars.

We’ve set our aim at the average Jack and Jill that still longs for the taste of a homemade cookies’ taste and crunch, but wants to be smarter about their sugar intake. We’ve stripped the nasty sugars away, but loaded it with protein goodness while retaining the addictive crunch. While this one might not be for our celiac sufferers, our Clever Cookie still offers way more than just the average cookie, that’s why we’ve named it so aptly, the Clever Cookie ™.

Replace your everyday cookie that puts you on a sugar rush, with one that sustains you with protein power and has amazing low carbs compared to the other cookies. Go on, buy a cookie and feel the crunch, and while you're at it compare the label with your everyday cookie, it really is healthier!

Make the smart choice and try one!