What Is Protein And Why Do I Need It?

Jan 26, 2017

 Protein, eh. Not just something that needs to be consumed by bodybuilding champs, it should have a place at our table for every single meal. But what is this somewhat elusive substance and why do I need it if I am not 'bulking'?


Protein is essential for the human body, along with carbohydrates and fat it is our building blocks, what we are all made up of these three things and they’re super important for maintaining a fine physique.

To survive, us humans need help from 22 amino acids, we make most of them in our bodies, except for nine which we can only get through food. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, right?

Animal products are the most reliable way to source these amino acids but that’s not to say this can’t be achieved in a plant-based diet, things like milk and meat are just a more complete way of getting all your needs.

Some people need more protein than others, however; pregnant women, babies, those who are very active, injured people, and those who have just come out of surgery need a lot more protein than the rest of us to make sure their bodies are up to the task ahead.


It is also important to spread your protein out. Most of us have a high protein meal around dinnertime: full up with meats and cheeses. Sound familiar? It’s great that you’re getting your protein in at all but it’s better to spread it out over the day, because our bodies can only process so much protein at a time.

It’s actually more beneficial to focus on high protein meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks because this is when your body needs it the most. Start your day with eggs, yoghurt or fish and make sure you have a lean cut of meat for lunch with some greens. This is the best way of spacing out your intake.

A high protein diet also helps you feel satiated for longer. Get ravenous during the day, often opting for snacks like chips and chocolate bars to tie you over? The solution to this is simple: get more protein. In saying this, you need to make sure it’s the right kind. Yes, treats like bacon and soft cheeses are delicious and a great source of protein but they are also high in fat.

Opting for lean cuts of meat, hard cheeses, greek yoghurt, and milk are a much more efficient and waist-friendly way of getting your amino acids in.

How much protein do I need though? Well, it varies depending on body weight and how active you are but as a general rule of thumb you should be getting 0.8g for every kilogram of body weight. For a sedentary female it should be around 46 grams per day and around 56 grams for a sedentary male.



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